Monday, June 30, 2008

These Are My Martians

Somebody asked me, "Why Martian Mom?" My response, "Did you ever hear, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus?" "Well if that is in fact true then I live with a household of Martians ( 3 boys and a hubby), making me the 'Martian Mom' " There you have it, it's as simple as that....and here are my Martians, Max (hubby), Miles (twin A), Liam ( Twin B) and Aidan ( my oldest soon to be 4)

Life has it's ups and downs with a house full of Martians, and the truth is we don't always get along. I have a feeling that's going to become a bit more challenging as the boys get older. We already have the struggles over toys, being first for their cup of milk, struggles for books, bath time, and food/snacks. And of course there is the struggle between Venus and Mars on parenting techinques, appropriate discplining, what is punishment worthy, what punishment fits the crime, what time should bedtime be, and even silly stuff like what should their haircut look like, sweater vs. sweatshirt, and warm pj vs. cooler pj. Sometimes the small stuff seems really big and sometimes the big stuff really is Big. What's most scariest to me, is that somehow through all these struggles, we need to make sure not to screw up those little Martians.

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