Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Not a Shred

I'm really trying hard not to interfere with my boys disagreements in hopes that they'll learn to work things out on their own. I don't step in unless it gets out of hand. So this weekend, Liam and Aidan were having a disagreement about the rules of a game they were playing. As I listened from another room, I had to muffle my laughter when the discussion turned to this...

Liam - "Aidan your name is butt man"

Aidan - "No it's not. You're really upsetting me, I don't have a shred of joy left in me! "

So when did my 5 yr old start calling people butt man and where did he learn this? And really Aidan not a "shred of joy" left in you? Wow that's deep, especially for a 7 yr old.

The Scoop on Poop

My kids are just obsessed with a certain bodily function ... As you can probably guess the one that makes you fart and poop. I think it's a boy thing, or that's what I'm trying to convince myself of. You know, make it all feel normal. And to take it a step further, while at the library I came across this book and thought "would you look at that, I can make this obsession educational too". This book was just what I needed and my boys sure got a kick out of it because 1.there's actually a book on the topic and 2.Mom was indulging them in their poop obsession. If your kid is poop obsessed, you might want to check this book out.

First Game For the Rockies

Aidan's first official game of the season. The majority of the players on his team were the same as last year, so it was amazing to see how much they've improved since then. The boys seem more coordinated and clearly have a better handle of the rules of the game. Aidan played pitcher this game. He managed to catch a ball, pass it to first for an out. It was such a smooth play and a proud parent moment. Yes I'm becoming one of those parents on the side line struggling to keep quiet lest be asked to leave.

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