Sunday, June 22, 2008

Technically Saturday's Entry: Trying to keep up

I'm not going to kid you, keeping up with a blog is hard work. Going to do my best to keep up...and soon, I promise myself to begin adding photos. What's a blog without photos?

Today I went to the annual Mill Valley store clearance sale. It might as well have been a TBB (twins by the bay) event. There were so many twin moms there. It was definitely a mob scene but I managed to score quite a few great fall clothes items for all 3 boys. So stay tuned for some photos of my boys in some styling clothes this fall, lol! I have to say I'm pretty excited about it all.

Max had the boys while I was out on my shopping excursion today. They went to Aidan's soccer practice and then hung out at dreamland park. Max said everything went smooth. That's good news for me. I always feel anxious about leaving all 3 boys with Max . Not that I think he can't handle it, because I know he can, but I hate for Max to have to handle it after a week of work at his full time job. But, it is good for the boys to have some alone daddy time., I know they all love it.

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