Sunday, June 15, 2008

Martian Mom Chronicles: the beginning

Well, as I'm not sure what kind of fluff I will fill this blog with, I have wanted for so long to have a blog. Emulate those many blogging moms I have so admired, reading their blogs to the wee hours of the night (regretting it in the morning of course) and saying to myself I so want to be part of this. So, today is my birthday, let's not forget father's day too, and the beginning of my martian mom chronicles. My plan is to chronicle all the remember worthy happenings of my moments with my 3 boys, husband, and of course my dear hobbies crafting and thrifting.

My life sometimes is a bit crazy and out of control, as I often over do it on the multitasking. I sometimes think I'm supermom but definitely much to often fail miserably. So hopefully this isn't one more crazy task I'm trying to add to my already more than busy life.

Well my birthday was pleasant as I shared the festivities with my hubby, Max. Surely I didn't want to cheat him out of Father's day. Max was presented with a grilling cookbook, some grilling tools and a too small penguin brand shirt from the boys, Aidan soon to be 4 and 19 month old twins Miles and Liam. I was in a panic the friday before, trying to come up with the right gifts. Somehow I manage to pull it off, phew. Aidan of course told daddy "open the presents daddy, lets see what you got"

We had planned on a nice brunch out but of course were not able to pull the crew together early enough then feared we would be faced with too big of crowds. Somthing we have learned to avoid with 3 kids under 4. So we opted for a picnic at the zoo followed with a nice dinner at home, prepared by Max. The grill master provided us with ribeye steaks, grilled corn and bread, very low key yet pleasing. Most pleasing is that Aidan has begun to eat beef. The best gift of all today, I didn't have to spend dinner spinning my wheels trying to figure out what to feed Aidan. He's now added beef to his white food diet. A move in the right direction. Well there'll be more about that in the future as I have also vowed to stop being a short order cook for my kids.

And the night has ended with a carrot cake, putting the boys to bed, and now beginning this blog. Here's the start, next I'll have to figure out how to load picture on. If anything, I do hope one day my boys will have somthing amusing to read and remind them of their childhood escapades.

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