Sunday, June 22, 2008

Boys and Markers

Today I rolled out a piece of butcher paper on the dining room table and set out some markers. The boys all sat at the table and with some help from Daddy and Mommy they played with the markers for at least 30 minutes. When that started to loose their interest I brought out a roll of Diego stickers which bought us about another 15 minutes of entertainment. It was so great to have all the kids engaged in the same activity. It's a small glimpse of what we have to look forward to in the near future. Usually it's been really challenging to entertain Aidan while entertaining the twins. Developmentally their needs are so different that it's always been this juggling act to make sure the twins are safe and having fun while Aidan is also being entertained. Toys that Aidan enjoys right now pose a choke hazard to the twins, or art and craft projects Aidan can and would like to do are still to difficult for the twins, a dvd that Aidan would like to watch is not appropriate or engaging for the twins, etc. etc, etc. this has been so exhausting. So for Max and I it was soo exciting to be able to get them to participate in an activity together that of course we tried to milk it for as long as possible, and of course we pulled out the camera and took photos of this fabulous new milestone ( photos later).

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