Friday, January 28, 2011

Drinking and Driving

A couple of weeks ago, after school Aidan and I went to Peets coffee and Safeway before heading home. I picked up my much needed afternoon coffee, then we went into Safeway to pick up a few things for dinner. During this time I still had my coffee in hand. We were at the checkout stand, when Aidan started this conversation with me.

Aidan: "There's no drinking and driving. Mom you're always drinking and driving (he's referring to my perpetual coffee drink in hand especially while driving), and you're not suppose to. They say you aren't suppose to drink and drive."

Me totally embarrassed as I look around and notice there's quite a few people in earshot of our conversation.: "Aidan, you mean my coffee?"

Aidan: "Yeah"

Me, looking around again hoping everyone heard that: " When they say, no drinking and driving, they're talking about alcohol not coffee" I proceed to explain to him that alcohol is beer and wine. Then have to explain that alcohol sometimes make adults sleepy, or dizzy so it's dangerous to drive. I was glad that we managed to get that all cleared up while still standing at the checkout stand, so anyone questioning what my dear son was confessing about me, now knew it was all about my terrible coffee addiction.

As to where Aidan got the no drinking and driving message, I'm still not sure. I can only imagine he read it somewhere. This is what happens when you have a 6 year old who is a proficient reader but not proficient in worldly matters.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm amazed at the amount of homework that is assigned to my 1st grader...and sometimes I'm also a bit resentful because it cuts into family time. Even though it's all pretty easy for Aidan, he insists that I be there right with him while he does it. Somehow I'm going to have to cut him loose and have him work on it maybe at the kitchen counter as I complete some of my own tasks.

I usually try to get Aidan to do his homework before we pick up his brothers in attempts to reduce the distractions. We aren't always successful with this so the next best option is to have Miles and Liam do homework too. Miles especially really enjoys this, as a matter of fact, he often requests to do homework. I'm glad he sees it as a game an has fun with it. I sure do hope he feels the same about it when he's in elementary school and has real homework that needs to be turned in.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting Rid of Fatness

So I've been working out at home using some Denise Austin DVDs since the hubby and I couldn't agree on a gym. Today I was working out in the living room as Aidan was doing his homework and he (my 6 yr old) says to me, "Is that to get rid of some of your fatness."

Me after major blow to self-esteem, "Yes Aidan, that's what I'm trying to do"

He follows with " You're doing a good job."

Me while huffing and puffing "Thanks"

This was all followed with a discussion comparing my workout to his PE class at school. Just trying to reinforce that exercise is important for everyone, not just because I'm trying to lose some weight. Have no idea where he picked up the word "fatness" but certainly don't want him to start having any judgements about it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Word Play

I love word games, whether it's crossword puzzles, word search, or a game of scrabble, if it's a puzzle of some sort, I'm into it. Even more fun, is that Aidan really enjoys them too. And now that he's older and smarter we're actually able to enjoy them together. Lately we've been doing word searches together and turning on a timer to see how long it takes us. Not only is it so much fun but it's good cognitive exercise, especially for me whose memory seems to be challenged these days.

Now I've got to learn to do Sudoku since Aidan likes number play too. We're learning this one together.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A gorgeous day!

After so many gray cold days, we were surprised at what a gorgeous day it was today. So we took a spontaneous trip to the park. Something we hadn't planned on but we were happy we did. Being out in the sun playing and going for a short walk was just what we all needed.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Forty Fifteen

Remember those days when you went off to college and everyone warned you about the "freshman fifteen", you know the 15 pounds you gained eating that high carb dorm food and all those late night sessions of overindulging on hops and barley. I clearly remember those warnings.

What I don't remember is anyone warning me about the "forty fifteen". You know the fifteen pounds you gain the same year you turn 40. I'm not sure where I was during that memo but I sure wish I had been present. 2010 was the year both Daddy and I turned 40 as well as the year we both gained approximately 15 pounds give or take a few. OK let's be honest, take a few from me and give a few to Daddy (even though he's in strong denial).

And so, 2010 and the holidays for that matter, are long over and we're left to still deal with our Santa-shapes....or maybe Daddy is dealing with his Santa-shape and I'm more of a full bottomed snowman. Whichever the case, it's not a good look and it's time to deal with it. For those of you who haven't known us long, Daddy and I have always been the long lean body type who never really had weight issues, not even during the freshman fifteen days, so this now is quite the eye-opener.

Now that we've come to terms that yes indeed the horse power in our metabolism has petered out, is it's now time to change our habits and join the throng of people in search of fitness. However, our current dilemma is deciding on a gym. While Daddy would like to get more bang for his buck, I would prefer something with more of a family vibe. You know the kind, a gym disguised in a country club, something that's child friendly, has a swimming pool and maybe even a snack bar. Daddy's just not buying this idea so at the moment I guess I'll rely on power walking and work out videos and hope to lose this forty fifteen before the summer.

As for all of you who are about to turn forty, let this be a warning to you...beware of the "forty fifteen".

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Family With "Real" Games

I had no idea and neither did Aidan for that matter, that it was no longer cool to play Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders once you reached 1st grade. It was only brought to our attention when Aidan had a play date with one of his classmates, EJ, and Aidan suggested playing a board game. EJ asked what game and Aidan suggested one of the above. To our surprise, EJ informed us in a tone that suggested major taboo, that those were "baby" games. A quick scan of the boxes, identifying the games as "Classic Preschool Games" and games for ages 3+ should have been a clue that yes indeed, a 7 yr old 1st grader might describe them as "baby" or at least "preschooler" games. What was I thinking?? I guess we'd had so much fun playing these games that it never occurred to me that it was time to move forward to what EJ, our enlightened guest, informed us were "real games".

Were we the only ones in the dark about this? Or did you know "real games?", games were games such as Sorry, Trouble, Monopoly and Battleship. Well after this major faux pas, we made sure to let Santa know that it was time we have some "real games" I'm sure you can guess, what Santa brought the boys this Christmas: Sorry, Trouble, and HedBanz. We've been playing them non-stop and everyone is having so much fun.

Aidan was really excited to introduce Sorry to one of his best buddies yesterday during a play date. They had lots of fun playing and it was obvious that Aidan now felt he was a "pillar of society". Needless to say, we are now a family that plays "real games"

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Calendar Pride

Inside this package was a sweet gift for Mommy and Daddy (or should I say Mom and Dad, that's another post) that Aidan was so very proud of.

Aidan made this "Seasons" calendar in his computer lab. He did the illustrations depicting each season and with the assistance of parent volunteers, his teacher assembled the calendars. Each student decorated an envelope in which the calendar was wrapped in. This was such a thoughtful and practical gift that we just loved. Receiving a handmade gift from a child is just one of the sweetest gifts you could receive.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Not Resolutions, Maybe " To Do"

I have a huge mind block when it comes to resolutions. Even just hearing the word is anxiety producing for me. So, until I find a way to overcome this mind block, I'm going to call this list a "To Do" list for 2011, not resolutions. Then, just maybe I'll succeed.

1. Grow my hair out, once and for all. I've had my hair short for years now but recently the boys have asked on several occasions "Why do you have boy hair?" and have made statements to the effect that I look like a boy. I always respond with, "I like my hair short". But, now they've got me I'd like to grow it out and it just might take me all of 2011 since my hair grows so slow.

2. Declutter and get organized. This seems to be on the list every year, just goes to show you how deep that mental block runs. The truth is I'm a bit of a hoarder, I just have a hard time parting with stuff. You know, you just might need it later. Gotta learn to let go.

3. Embrace "green" living. We do plenty around here to live green but I don't feel like we've fully embraced it. I'm positive there's a lot more we can do to decrease our carbon footprint and reduce our consumption.

4. Keep up with date nights. Daddy and I have been so absorbed with parenting and just keeping up with the day to day living that we've been guilty of not setting time aside for us and honestly just not having the "get up and go" that we use to have. With the boys getting older and being a bit more self reliant we've got a bit more energy now. Most recently we've established some regular baby sitters so there's no excuse not to have more date nights.

2011, I'm not asking for much. So show me what you've got and please be kind to me.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Boogied on into the New Year

We boogied on down, gettin' into the groove at a 70's celebration this new years eve. Yes that's me in a 70's bridesmaid dress, what a find at our local thrift store. We sure had lots of fun ringing in the new year, here's hoping to lots more fun in 2011. Hope you all enjoyed ringing in the New Year as well.

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