Thursday, June 19, 2008

Amazment or Pity?? and A First For the Twins: Markers.

It was a hot day today here in Oakland. Hot days are unbearable at the Rocha house. Even though we installed attic fans last summer and insulated the house, the temps still seem to rise inside pretty quickly. On days like this I usually take the boys out to air conditioned place to hang out and cool off for a bit, Barnes & Noble, Target etc. Tonight was Target. I dreaded going by myself with the 3 boys but surprisingly they did well. The twins were in the double stroller while Aidan hung out beside me with the rule that he had to keep one hand on the stroller handle. He did really well tonight, with the help of a bribe of course. We walked out with animal crackers and a hot wheels car. I know bribery isn't the best parenting method, but it works.

It's funny how people stare when we're out. I'm not sure if it's stares of pity "that poor woman with those 3 young kids" or amazement " wow look at that woman with those 3 young kids, how does she do it?" I'd like to think amazement but somehow I really think it's pity. And, it's amazing how people just can't seem to help themselves from remarking "wow twins" If I had a dollar for everytime I've heard that, I would be a millionare right now.

Twins had a first I set them up in their highchairs and taped construction paper down on the trays and gave them each washable markers. They absolutely loved it and it bought me about 45 minutes of entertainment and another 45 minutes for clean up. Definitely will be an activity to be repeated.

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