Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's In The Box

The other day we were at our friend Rachel's house and she had two large boxes in the living room that the kids were playing with. The kids were really enjoying it, especially Liam. So when the twins new duvets arrived in a large cardboard box, I decided to keep it for them. Well, this box has provided them with endless fun this entire weekend. Another perfect example of how the simplest things can be so much fun while engaging their imagination. This box has been all sorts of things, a hide out, their house, a store, etc.etc. and the imagination continues. The only down part of the whole thing is that only two fit in at a time and all three want to be in it, plus a cat or two.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Entertainment or Bedding

Finally bought the boys bedding for their new beds. I bought down-alternative duvets during Macy's memorial day sale (score!) but had been unable to decide on the rest. I settled on chocolate brown duvet covers with this fun letter and number sheeting. This morning I washed it all and made their beds. The boys were pretty excited about it and the sheeting has initiated a series of alphabet singing and counting. Hmmm... not sure if this is going to be a problem. We'll soon find out.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Teacher's Memory Pages

With Aidan's preschool coming to an end and his graduation just a week away, there's a series of projects and activities the parents are working on for teacher appreciation week. We had to put together 5 memory pages (4 teachers and the director) which will be compiled with the other kids to make memory books for each teacher. These will be presented to them as thank you gifts on graduation day. So I chose a couple of pictures of Aidan and had Aidan give me a quote regarding what he liked about each teacher. One project done, several more to go...


Today, Max and I attended Aidan's annual preschool luau. The kids dress up in outfits they made and perform a series of songs and chants. Aidan being his shy self appeared stunned with stage fright however, towards the end of the program he was warming up to the crowd. He even had a part in one of the performances where he faced the rest of his classmates holding up a sign to cue through the song. The boys did a Hawaiian chant that left us impressed. Following the performance we watched a volcano erupt (baking soda and vinegar with orange dye) then the parents got to hang out and indulge in food with the kids. Fun festivities for all.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dentist Visit

Miles and Liam had their first visit with the dentist. We were called in right away as soon as we arrived. The boys both looked bewildered as to where we were. Despite the fact I explained to them several times that we were going to the dentist, they just didn't get it. The staff there were so good with them in making them comfortable, it was amazing. They got there teeth cleaned and examined and it was all over before we knew it. We just had a few tears from Miles towards the end, he had reached his limit. But all in all it was a pretty successful visit. That is, except the bad news I heard about Liam's teeth. Liam's teeth are already very crowded. The dentist informed me that he would need a retainer at about age 7 to limit the crowding and that we were possibly looking at a future of teeth extractions and braces. Poor child is headed down the same path his Mommy did.

Brotherly Love

I heard the sweetest thing today while in the van with the twins (2 1/2 yr olds). Miles was singing, he first sang his ABC's, went on to Row Row Your Boat, and continued with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. As he finished Twinkle Little Star, Liam said to him, "Good job Miles." Miles responded with a "yeah?" I looked in the rear view mirror at them and they were looking at each with great big smiles. That sure is some brotherly love.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Make Your Own Taco Night

For tonight's dinner I laid out all the fixings for tacos and let everyone decide what they wanted. I also made quesadillas too. The boys loved it, especially Liam. I can't believe he ate 4 soft tacos by himself. He chose the corn tortillas smothered with beans, beef and a bit of cheese, and absolutely enjoyed them. Aidan had fun fixing his own too. He had corn tortillas with cheese and avocado. Miles stuck to the quesadillas. The boys love this dinner and I do too, since it's so simple to put together.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Brunch, Dinner, Beds, BBQ

Liam & Miles in the trampoline with friends

Roy entertaining the kids

our co-owned jumpy house being enjoyed

Aidan playing the drums in Lincoln's room

It was truly and eventful Memorial Day weekend. Saturday was pretty mellow, went shopping for beds for the twins, spent the rest of the afternoon consolidating dressers preparing for the big switch (cribs to beds). Sunday we went to a potluck brunch at Ebba's, where Rachel and Susan and their families attended as well. Brunch was fabulous, french toast with ricotta cheese and berries, lentil salad, zucchini bread, artichoke heart frittata, mini muffin kieshes, corn muffins and best of all....Rachel's rice crispy treats and mimosas. While the adults relaxed and enjoyed the food, our 9 kids entertained themselves. The kids got to use our jumpy house (6 families, including us bought a jumpy house to share, yay no more rentals)thoroughly enjoying themselves along with all of Ebba's great toys, air hockey table, indoor trampoline, drum set, and many more. After a morning of much play and eating, we came home for naps. Then, Jimmy, Conny, and Honey came over for a surf and turf dinner. We had grilled rib eye steaks, chicken, shrimp, a pasta salad, followed by Honey's delicious chocolate chip cookies and Mitchell's coconut ice cream. Monday morning started with moving of furniture, we took out the boys changing table and dresser, moved the train table to Aidan's room, disassembled their cribs, cleaned all the dust bunnies just as the boys new bunk bed set arrived. Of course we don't have them stacked yet, they'll be used as separate twin beds until they get older. But, the boys are thrilled.

Liam in his new bed
Miles in his new bed

They took their first naps in the new beds then we went off to a neighbor BBQ next door, 7 households attended. Once again much indulgence in good food and good company. The boys had a great time playing on a trampoline and wading in a small pool. Now 3 thoroughly exhausted boys are sleeping along with one thoroughly exhausted hubby. I too will be going to bed soon, as it was a very eventful, fun, yet exhausting holiday weekend.

Friday, May 22, 2009

5 Miles and Someone Gets Comfy

I did a 5 mile hike today...I can't believe it. Lots of inclines and rough terrain, the makings for an incredibly sore body tomorrow. The truth is it was meant to be a 2.5 mile hike but my hiking guide took us on a wrong turn adding 2.5 miles of mostly uphill terrain to the hike. So I was forced into it but now I'm feeling pretty good about it. I think I'll soak in an Epsom salt bath now, and maybe later make myself comfy on the couch once Liam gives up the spot.

Liam has taken to hanging out on the couch with this new favorite blanket of his. He props himself up with pillows, with no help from us and pulls the covers over himself and just hangs out watching the motions of the rest of us around him. It's hilarious to see him there just kicking it and also probably the calmest you'll ever see him. Because, when he's not in this position, he's the wildest of the bunch, loud laughing, and lots of running and jumping. I guess, that's what makes him laying on the couch so humorous to us because it's so out of character for him.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Numbers for Miles

It was time for some new books, so we went to the library today. While browsing the shelves, Miles found a collection of number books on display. He picked out two books there, Chicka Chicka 123 and 1,2,3 to the Zoo, that was it for him. He was clear about letting me know, that he was done browsing. Liam and I picked out several more books while Miles laid happily on the floor with his number books. Miles has had a long fascination now with numbers and the alphabet.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He Sure Loves His Crown

Liam made this crown (he says hat) last week and is still wearing it. He absolutely loves it. When I called it his crown, he corrected me "It's my hat". Tonight he insisted on sleeping with it, so I have a feeling that will be the end of it.
** The goose egg you see on his forehead, was from a fall/face plant in the hallway over the weekend, poor guy.

Exercise Sure Starts A Day

Lately I've been surrounded by friends who are exercising, some on a fairly regular basis and others truly committed. This all just made me feel a bit unsettled and yet equally motivated to do something. It's with much chagrin that I admit, I have not exercised in quite a long time. (Please don't ask how long.) Well, today I started the day with an early morning hike, a little over 2 miles at a pretty constant pace. I stopped once to catch my breath before an incline. Although it was challenging, I have to say it was also extremely invigorating. Before the hike I was thinking I was going to need to come home and nap after the hike since I didn't get much sleep the night before(that's another story), but instead I came home and was energized and ready for my day. Exercise sure starts a day right.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Twins First Shower

Miles and Liam had their first shower today with Daddy, prior to this it's always been baths. We thought they'd be excited about a shower. To our surprise, there was lots of screaming and frantic attempts to get out. I don't understand, on such a hot day, it should have been a refreshing treat. Clearly they didn't think so. I'm not sure why they find it so scary but, I guess we'll stick to baths.

Hot Day, Fun Time at Lake Anza

It sure was a hot weekend here. Saturday we were a bit unprepared for the heat. We hung out at home during the day, spent some time outside, the boys playing with sidewalk chalk while I did some weeding. Went to a friends house for dinner that evening. By late afternoon our house was pretty hot and unbearable. So, I was happy to get an email from Rachel about going to the lake Sunday knowing it was sure to be another hot day. Off we all went Sunday morning to Lake Anza and met up with Ebba and her girls, Susan and her boys, and Rachel and her son Parker. I think the boys were all surprised to see them all there. Although we had a short wait outside before entering Lake Anza(they wouldn't let us in til 11am)I think it worked out fine. The boys got a snack and some play time in before hitting the water. Aidan had a great time playing in the water, buzzing around with various sand toys and a donut float. Liam and Miles were a little more wary of the situation but towards the end they were enjoying themselves much more. I think a few more trips to the lake and they'll be as excited as Aidan. It took much coaxing to get Aidan to leave and as I was getting Aidan buckled into the van, he said " I can't wait to tell my friends at school that I went to the lake today." As a parent, it sure warms my heart to hear my kids express such means we did something right. Thanks to my friends for the great idea to go to the lake, I have to admit I don't think I would have initiated that myself, but now I'm looking forward to many more days at the lake this summer.

Liam having a snack before entering the Lake Anza

Miles enjoying Ebba and her girl's company

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nap Time Conversations

The twins are supposed to be taking a nap right now but instead what I hear coming from there room sounds like this...
background noise: lots of jumping followed by much giggles and laughter
Liam: Miles come on, come on..
Miles: No Liam you come on...
Liam: Miles go time out!
Miles: No Liam you time out!
Liam: No Miles you go time out...
followed by much laughter, out and out cracking up. I almost feel mocked. Is that what I sound like? Could they possibly be imitating me? ....and then laughing about it? I'd rather like to think they're just having a time out game, right!?

Aidan Enjoys the Lost Art of Snail Mail

Aidan received mail yesterday from his cousin Sophia. He was so excited, and even more so to find out that she had sent him stickers as part of the sticker club. When I asked him " Wasn't that nice of Sophia to send you stickers?" He responded with, "Yeah I'll write her a note." and quickly scurried off to find paper. I had to smile to myself, Aidan has learned the lost art of a handwritten note. I think it's so sweet that he wants to express himself in a written letter, it's such a positive demonstrative experience.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Time Ice Cream Pop of Their Own

I found these great snack sized ice cream pops by Haagen-Dazs and I had to buy them, thinking what a perfect sized treat for the boys. Despite the fact that each one was timed out at least once and I dealt with two separate major tantrums, today was the day for a big treat after dinner. I know you're thinking how spoiled, but it's not often that we give them treats like these. I often stick to yogurt, fruit, and cinnamon graham crackers. It's usually when grandma is over that they get the big treats, cheese cake, cupcakes, ice cream. She just can't resist and it truly makes them happy to be spoiled by grandma. Today, they were spoiled by mommy and daddy...there first time with an ice cream bar of their own, and boy were they excited.

Why I Blog

I really love it that my friends and family read my blog. There is something really endearing, knowing that the people close to you, care enough about you, to read what you blog. But, I have to admit my real driving force to blog is my kids. Because I lost my mom at a young age, I have memories and a good idea of who she was, but I truly miss the details about her; what made her laugh? what events did she enjoy? what were her thoughts? I have my memories of certain family events but I would have loved to know what her memories of those events were. I also remember, my mother was an incredible crafter (you name it, she sewed, painted, knit, crocheted etc.)and a fabulous cook, she also loved to bake...but what did she like most? Was it cooking dinners for friends, baking birthday cakes, or knitting winter scarves. I don't know, those are the details I miss. It's for that reason, I blog about the things I enjoy making, the foods I love cooking, some of the thoughts I have about parenting, and the simple family pleasures we have, because I want my kids to have every detail, to be able to have their toddler years chronicled for them and as they get older, to be able to compare their memories of events to my interpretation of the same event. Life often has unexpected occurrences, so I don't want to take it for granted that I will be here to grow old and be able to share my memories with for now I blog.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mmmmm Dinner

Mmmm I've been having a craving for French Onion Soup so I decided to fulfill that craving tonight. For dinner I made French Onion Soup, a green & yellow bean salad topped with some delicious honey baked ham, and pepperoni pizza for the kids. Surprisingly, Liam loved the soup too and ate a whole serving himself. Never imagined any of the kids would eat it. It is hard to resist with that yummy crispy french bread and the ooey gooey melted Gruyere cheese...mmmm....makes me want to have more.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Finger Lickin Good

Tonight I made Oven Fried Chicken, using a recipe out of May's issue of Everyday Food. Absolutely love that magazine. Every month there's at least a few recipes I make and they're usually quick and easy. I've tried lots of different oven fried chicken recipes and I have to say this one is by far my favorite recipe. It was, "finger lickin good"...nice crispy coating yet moist inside. It's definitely a repeat recipe. I served it with buttermilk mashed potatoes and sauted spinach with meyer lemon zest. The boys ate some chicken and a bit of mashed potatoes, no surprise they skipped on the spinach.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

It was a nice Mother's Day. Started off with a bouquet of flowers, breakfast at Full House Cafe, a refreshing family walk through the neighborhood, some gardening all by myself while Max watched the kids indoors (I weeded, and planted some crawling thyme in between the flagstone in our patio, a very therapeutic activity I must say). I then had some nice mommy time with Aidan while the twins napped. We went to starbucks, I had a mocha and Aidan had a vanilla milk. After the twins nap we went over to our friends house, Tarra and Dave and their twins (Pearson & Fiona) for a nice barb-que. The kids had a great time playing and entertaining themselves while the adults got to enjoy some adult time together...good food, good wine. Throughout the day I received several texts and phone calls from dear friends and family to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. I have to say, overall it was a very nice and satisfying Mother's Day.

Markers Gone Wrong

This is what happens when your 2 1/2 yr olds have unsupervised time with markers. Thank goodness they're non-toxic washable markers. The lesson here: Direct supervision at all times while playing with markers.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Five In a Tub

Five in a tub?? That's impossible, you say. Well the impossible happened. This past Thursday, Susan and her twin boys, Fletcher and Sebastian came over for dinner. (Quick Note About Dinner: it was a truely civilized event despite the fact that there were four 2yr olds and a 4 yr old at the table) Anyways, after dinner we decided to give them all a bath. They had a great time and it made for an easier chore for the mommies, get it all done at once. It sure was the cutest site to see them all in the tub together.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spontaneous Trip to the Zoo

Normally the boys go to Kindergym on Thursdays but plans were spontaneously changed today. We left the house early this morning to attend a Mother's Day breakfast with Aidan at his preschool. (A sweet event by the way) When we left the breakfast it was still too early to head to Kindergym and since we usually meet up with Susan and her boys there I decided to phone her to see what they were doing. I'm so glad I phoned her because she informed me that she was going to the zoo instead and was meeting up there with another twin mom, Michele and her twins. I decided to go too. So, we go to the zoo, there we are, 3 moms and 3 sets of twins...wait a second who's that, Nagisa and her twins too...yes now there are 4 moms and 4 sets of twins all the same age strolling together at the zoo. The kids had a great time and it was so nice to have other mommy companions with us. Liam really enjoys being with Susan and it sure was evident today. He kept walking by her side and holding her hand. I know, Susan has her own twins to contend with but it sure is sweet to see my boys really enjoy time with other adults. Oh, and did I mention how amazing the weather was today? It sure was a beautiful day, so glad we spent it out doors. We spent a good couple of hours at the zoo and ended the visit with a ride on the train.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lazy Dinners

There are nights when I just don't have the gumption to make dinner. Tonight was one of those nights. I opened the fridge and saw there were plenty of leftovers for Max and I, so I decided this was going to be a night of as little cooking as possible. I made the boys grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with tator tots. The only thing that consoles me abit about dinners like this is that it was whole wheat bread, nitrate free ham, and organic tator tots. Do you think that makes it ok? I try to tell myself it is. I have a feeling my mother would say, "Not OK". What's most confusing and disturbing about serving a dinner like this with so little effort put into it is, that Aidan (4yr old) announces, " This is Awesome! This is the best dinner ever" That's just great.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Package From Auntie Karen

Yay, today we received a great big box from Auntie Karen. The boys were so excited to see it. And because of all the tape on the box, it took me awhile to get it opened, building up the boys anticipation near breaking point. Aidan was thrilled to see his new personalized suitcase and his long awaited Duncan. (We went to visit Karen and family in Memphis,TN this past Halloween, on our departure, Aidan accidently left Duncan behind.) Also in the box were some T-shirts for the boys from Karen's recent family trip to Disney World. For me, she knows how I love my crafts and baking, she sent me a William Sonoma pastry bag set with decorating tips and an egg decorating book...I'm ready for Easter 2010. Thanks so much Auntie Karen, it was Christmas in May for us.

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