Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Preparing for Change

Irene our helper/nanny came today. The twins really love her. They just light up when they see her especially Liam. I'm sorry to say our time with her is coming to an end. In July the twins will start at Rocio's daycare 2 xwk. We decided they would benefit from the social interaction with other children and it's actually cheaper too... that's always a plus. I am a little anxious about how they will do at Rocio's. I've been taking them to visit for a couple of hours at a time for the past couple of weeks so they can get familiar with the place and people, my attempts to reduce the trauma of being dropped off their for a good part of the day. I also worry about them missing Irene. She's been with us since they were 8 weeks old. She's been really fabulous with them and it's obvious that they have come to love her. I hope/plan to remain in contact with her to maintain some sort of relationship for the twins. Haven't quite sure how I'm going ot manage this yet. All I know is that we are all going to miss her.

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