Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Long Day For this Loser Parent

It's been a long day. Took the twins to a play group in Orinda today. I had a great time socializing with the moms, that is after the boys stopped clinging to me. This happens every time for the first 30 -45 minutes. I look forward to the day we show up and they go straight to play.

In the mean time, I seem to think I enjoy the play groups much more than the twins. I feel very fortunate to have hooked up with this great bunch of women ( not just saying this cause I think one day they might read this lol!) It's true, they are all very different yet we seem to click really well. I appreciate my conversations with them. They all are really intelligent and I seem to always get great feedback from them. Rachel has helped immensily (sp?) with my disciplining slash time outs, Susan has been great to talk about food for the children, Ebba is always filled with some helpful knowledge and facts and I enjoy talking crafts with her, Monika I'm just getting to know but I really like her style and way of being ( I can tell she's going to be lots of fun) and there's other but I haven't quite gotten to know them yet.

Let's fast forward now to why I'm a loser, Poor Aidan, has 2 staples in his head right now...did I give him tylenol this morning before sending him off to school, NO. Did I even consider that he might be in pain, No. If I had 2 staples in my head, would I be taking Tylenol or Motrin right now, YES. When he had a huge meltdown this afternoon before dinner, di dI consider he might be in pain or discomfort, NO. My neighbor came over because she heard the screaming and yelling (Aidan having an out of control tantrum) and thought I could use some help. After telling her I don't know what got into him, She's the one who asked me about coudld he be having some discomfort, somthing going on and this is displaced stress...Bingo. It finally dawned on me. "Aidan, are you feeling ok?" Aidan , "No mommy can you help me feel better" Oh what a loser am I "Aidan is somthing hurting or bothering you" Aidan, "Yes, mommy my head hurts" Well no shit, he had an injury resulting in staples and nobody ( being mom or dad) had even considered medicating him for pain....would you call me LOSER under things circumstances. So I gave him some Tylenol, and held him on my lap for a bit., while my neighbor, Shoshana fed the twins dinner. (Max was out with a friend for dinner)
Well of course I've given my psyche a good beating and I'm now emotionally and physically exhausted. Note to self: don't ever let this happen again!

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  1. Don't kid yourself....some of us are already reading it!



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