Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dinner Time

The twins are 20 months now and have recently started feeding themselves. I know what you're thinking just now. I have to say I'm ( or we're , hubby too) guilty of having fed them and not allowed them to experiment with self feeding for much too long. You know there's less to clean up that way and I guess I just found it to be overall easier. Unfortunately they had to start demanding the fork and spoon before I actually handed it over to them. Needless to say, they're doing a pretty good job, yeah we have spills and throwing but overall it's not too bad. They're growing up so fast.

They were enjoying the salsa verde pork roast I made....and of course Aidan (the picky eater) was having a grilled cheese. I'm trying not to be the short order cook anymore. He usually has to eat what we're having but today, fortunatley for him, there was a left over grilled cheese from lunch time. Oh, and for your information, Daddy decided to take him for a supercuts haircut after soccer practice today;. It's absolutely terrible, you might as well have put a bowl on his head. Poor guy, I made sure to let him know how handsome I thought he was regardless of the haircut.

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