Thursday, June 26, 2008

Miles Cries

Let me start with still no photos. Really lagging on this, hopefully soon.

Miles cries...all the time. I just don't get him somtimes. He cries when he sees me and clings on to me as if I'm leaving. He cries when folks show up, like Irene who's been with us forever, or Shoshana our neighbor. I could see crying with strangers but he cries with folks we know well. He somtimes cries when he sees Liam approaching him. He cries when Liam takes somthing from him or if he thinks Liam might want something from him. He sometimes cries in the morning when he wakes up, cries during naps, he just cries. He's always been such a happy sweet baby so it surprises me now that he cries so much with little to instigate it. He cries at play groups, he cries at music class, he cries. I'm sure it's just a phase....but he cries. Wish I had a photo.


  1. miranda went through a crying all the time phase. it sucked.



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