Monday, June 16, 2008

Potty Training...could it really be possible?

I belong to a twin play group that gets together every Wed and also have a email circle where questions and ideas or whatever are posted. Let me start with saying, this is a group of fabulous moms that have inspired me in so many ways. Things I have learned from them including eating habits, time out methods, sleeping and bed time routines. But, today a very daunting subject has come to light...the dreaded "Potty Training". When I read this email, my heart beat quickened and my vision blurred. My mind wandered to visions of my boys with there hands in the toilet and you fill in the rest. Could my 19 month old twins possibly be ready? Apparently there is a book out "Diaper Free Before Three" that is the culprit here. So I ask, does this include boys too? More to come...

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