Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still Potty Training

We've had lots of ups and downs with the potty training. Initially Liam was the one who showed interest in potty training and Miles was not interested, then sometime through this process, roles reversed. Miles was now interested and Liam now wanted nothing to do with the potty. We continue with potty training. Miles was very close to being potty trained, he even initiated going to the potty, then for some reason unknown to us, he decided he no longer wanted to take part in this. So now here we are still struggling to potty train the boys. More often than not they use the potty when we place them on it but they still continue to use diapers as well. I just don't remember having this potty training struggle with Aidan and Aidan was potty trained by this time. I really thought the twins would be potty trained sooner because they had their big brother as an example. They've been watching Aidan used the potty since early on, I really thought this would stir some interest in them. Oh well, potty training continues....

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