Friday, May 1, 2009

Mama's Night Out & The Dinner Time Survival Guide

Last night was a mom's night out with my twin group moms. I had a nice relaxing time. Usually, chatting with these moms, means I'm also keeping track of my kids during a play date, making sure no one's getting into trouble or I have someone clinging to me and crying because they aren't ready to be in a group. So last night was a nice treat to get to chat with them without the interruptions. This group of Mamas is really special to me because as you all know (if you've been part of a group) there's usually somebody in the group you just tolerate so you don't disrupt the group dynamics. That's not the case with this group, I really genuinely like everyone beyond the fact that our kids play together. What a lucky find! So, the evening was great company and a yummy thai dinner at Soi Four. If you never been, it sure is worth checking out.

Our outing was sort of a Mother's Day celebration too, so I decided to bring a gift for everyone. Since dinner time seems to be a hot topic of discussion: how do you manage making dinner with the kids, what will they eat, what's quick and easy etc. etc. , I decided to put together "The Dinner Time Survival Guide" for everyone. This is a recipe journal where we can share recipes that worked for us, whether it was something our kids loved, something that was quick and easy, or even a sneaky way to slip a nutrituous meal in, whatever anyone wants to share with the group. It's really a free for all. I shared two of my favorite quick meals, a salmon dish and a chicken dish that my kids will usually eat. Each journal cover is different, I tried to personalized them in a way that each person would like...Leslie makes me think of retro funky so hers was made with a polka dot and argyle print in colors I thought she would like. Peggy seems girly but not too girly so I made her a striped one in fun primary colors with a glittery flower (just a hint of girly). Susan to me is girly in many ways and was truly my first friend in the group so hers was done in a girly, pretty print with a friends sticker and a photo of two girly girls. Rachel who really seems to have it all together except maybe one weakness I've ever heard come out of her is that she's not good in the kitchen, I couldn't resist, hers was made with a flame print and a skull stamp and said Hell's Kitchen. Ebba, who shares a lot of the same interests I do, not too girly but likes crafty fun and appreciates good design, I made her a polka dot and retro floral print in a fun aqua brown pattern. And Monika, who is also fun and funky, with a real quirky side to her, I used a funky butterfly print for hers. Whether they thought the journals suited them, I'm not sure, but I gave them my interpretation of them. I have one for Mari too but unfortunately she wasn't able to attend the outing, I'll catch her next time. Can't wait to see what others might share for the journal.

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  1. I could tell you put some thought into the cookbooks. I love mine!! Thank you!!



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