Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hot Day, Fun Time at Lake Anza

It sure was a hot weekend here. Saturday we were a bit unprepared for the heat. We hung out at home during the day, spent some time outside, the boys playing with sidewalk chalk while I did some weeding. Went to a friends house for dinner that evening. By late afternoon our house was pretty hot and unbearable. So, I was happy to get an email from Rachel about going to the lake Sunday knowing it was sure to be another hot day. Off we all went Sunday morning to Lake Anza and met up with Ebba and her girls, Susan and her boys, and Rachel and her son Parker. I think the boys were all surprised to see them all there. Although we had a short wait outside before entering Lake Anza(they wouldn't let us in til 11am)I think it worked out fine. The boys got a snack and some play time in before hitting the water. Aidan had a great time playing in the water, buzzing around with various sand toys and a donut float. Liam and Miles were a little more wary of the situation but towards the end they were enjoying themselves much more. I think a few more trips to the lake and they'll be as excited as Aidan. It took much coaxing to get Aidan to leave and as I was getting Aidan buckled into the van, he said " I can't wait to tell my friends at school that I went to the lake today." As a parent, it sure warms my heart to hear my kids express such means we did something right. Thanks to my friends for the great idea to go to the lake, I have to admit I don't think I would have initiated that myself, but now I'm looking forward to many more days at the lake this summer.

Liam having a snack before entering the Lake Anza

Miles enjoying Ebba and her girl's company

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