Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dentist Visit

Miles and Liam had their first visit with the dentist. We were called in right away as soon as we arrived. The boys both looked bewildered as to where we were. Despite the fact I explained to them several times that we were going to the dentist, they just didn't get it. The staff there were so good with them in making them comfortable, it was amazing. They got there teeth cleaned and examined and it was all over before we knew it. We just had a few tears from Miles towards the end, he had reached his limit. But all in all it was a pretty successful visit. That is, except the bad news I heard about Liam's teeth. Liam's teeth are already very crowded. The dentist informed me that he would need a retainer at about age 7 to limit the crowding and that we were possibly looking at a future of teeth extractions and braces. Poor child is headed down the same path his Mommy did.

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