Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Package From Auntie Karen

Yay, today we received a great big box from Auntie Karen. The boys were so excited to see it. And because of all the tape on the box, it took me awhile to get it opened, building up the boys anticipation near breaking point. Aidan was thrilled to see his new personalized suitcase and his long awaited Duncan. (We went to visit Karen and family in Memphis,TN this past Halloween, on our departure, Aidan accidently left Duncan behind.) Also in the box were some T-shirts for the boys from Karen's recent family trip to Disney World. For me, she knows how I love my crafts and baking, she sent me a William Sonoma pastry bag set with decorating tips and an egg decorating book...I'm ready for Easter 2010. Thanks so much Auntie Karen, it was Christmas in May for us.

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