Friday, May 22, 2009

5 Miles and Someone Gets Comfy

I did a 5 mile hike today...I can't believe it. Lots of inclines and rough terrain, the makings for an incredibly sore body tomorrow. The truth is it was meant to be a 2.5 mile hike but my hiking guide took us on a wrong turn adding 2.5 miles of mostly uphill terrain to the hike. So I was forced into it but now I'm feeling pretty good about it. I think I'll soak in an Epsom salt bath now, and maybe later make myself comfy on the couch once Liam gives up the spot.

Liam has taken to hanging out on the couch with this new favorite blanket of his. He props himself up with pillows, with no help from us and pulls the covers over himself and just hangs out watching the motions of the rest of us around him. It's hilarious to see him there just kicking it and also probably the calmest you'll ever see him. Because, when he's not in this position, he's the wildest of the bunch, loud laughing, and lots of running and jumping. I guess, that's what makes him laying on the couch so humorous to us because it's so out of character for him.

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