Monday, May 25, 2009

Brunch, Dinner, Beds, BBQ

Liam & Miles in the trampoline with friends

Roy entertaining the kids

our co-owned jumpy house being enjoyed

Aidan playing the drums in Lincoln's room

It was truly and eventful Memorial Day weekend. Saturday was pretty mellow, went shopping for beds for the twins, spent the rest of the afternoon consolidating dressers preparing for the big switch (cribs to beds). Sunday we went to a potluck brunch at Ebba's, where Rachel and Susan and their families attended as well. Brunch was fabulous, french toast with ricotta cheese and berries, lentil salad, zucchini bread, artichoke heart frittata, mini muffin kieshes, corn muffins and best of all....Rachel's rice crispy treats and mimosas. While the adults relaxed and enjoyed the food, our 9 kids entertained themselves. The kids got to use our jumpy house (6 families, including us bought a jumpy house to share, yay no more rentals)thoroughly enjoying themselves along with all of Ebba's great toys, air hockey table, indoor trampoline, drum set, and many more. After a morning of much play and eating, we came home for naps. Then, Jimmy, Conny, and Honey came over for a surf and turf dinner. We had grilled rib eye steaks, chicken, shrimp, a pasta salad, followed by Honey's delicious chocolate chip cookies and Mitchell's coconut ice cream. Monday morning started with moving of furniture, we took out the boys changing table and dresser, moved the train table to Aidan's room, disassembled their cribs, cleaned all the dust bunnies just as the boys new bunk bed set arrived. Of course we don't have them stacked yet, they'll be used as separate twin beds until they get older. But, the boys are thrilled.

Liam in his new bed
Miles in his new bed

They took their first naps in the new beds then we went off to a neighbor BBQ next door, 7 households attended. Once again much indulgence in good food and good company. The boys had a great time playing on a trampoline and wading in a small pool. Now 3 thoroughly exhausted boys are sleeping along with one thoroughly exhausted hubby. I too will be going to bed soon, as it was a very eventful, fun, yet exhausting holiday weekend.

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