Monday, May 4, 2009

Life Is Good

"Life is Good"...let me tell you why....

1. I woke up this morning, happy already, and even happier when I found out I was Crafty Crow's Giveaway Monday Winner. I won this fabulous Crobots book. I so look forward to receiving it. If you haven't yet been over to read The Crafty Crow blog, and you have young kids, it sure is worth the read. Lots of great ideas for fun with your kids. Life is Good.

2. I have a best friend, although she is in Memphis, I speak with her everyday. Despite the many miles between us I feel like she's just around the corner. We share all our ups and downs, and I can always count on her for a good laugh. She phoned me this morning to tell me about a hilarious blog she read, someone just ranting and raving. Oh how we laughed! Life is good when you wake up to a good laugh. Life is Good.

3. With the current recession and the many unfortunate who have faced lay offs, many unprepared for the difficult times they are facing, I truly have empathy for all those facing hard times right now. I realize how fortunate my family is, we are not in want or need of anything. We live within our means, and enjoy life. Life is Good

4. I love handmade, DIY, and believe in recycle, repurpose, reuse. These are core values we are teaching our children. Although we are consumers, we are not "consumer whores". We know how to appreciate the good things in life, we are not frivolous spenders, nor victims of corporate advertising, we do not lust for labels, or have a need for flashy bling-bling in order to distinguish ourselves in society. We strive to teach our children that their self worth is not based on name brands. My children already demonstrate they are learning this, when asked to throw somthing out they know where it goes, recycle bin, compost bin, garbage. Life is Good

5. I am fortunate that my husband is successful and has the ways and means to provide for our family. This, allows me to be a stay at home mom. I am happy and grateful for this opportunity. I am not in the least bit swayed by the "Supermom Syndrome" I know that there are many women who do not feel fulfilled with the SAHM role, I am not one of them. I feel complete knowing that I have the skills and resources to be a working professional yet, choose to dedicate myself to my family. Life is Good

6. I am surrounded by wonderful friends who have my same set of core values. My boys have the opportunity to establish friendships with their kids and I am content knowing the importance of nurturing good behavior and surrounding my boys with good people will reinforce the foundation of good human beings. I do not feel the need to surround myself or my family with less than this. Spending time with good friends is priceless! Life is Good.

7. "You are always a valuable, worthwhile human being not because anybody says so, not because you're successful, not because you make a lot of money but because you decide to believe it and for no other reason." - Wayne Dyer Life is Good!

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  1. Thank you for this Kika. I found myself nodding as I read it, I really enjoyed and appreciated what you said!



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