Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Time Ice Cream Pop of Their Own

I found these great snack sized ice cream pops by Haagen-Dazs and I had to buy them, thinking what a perfect sized treat for the boys. Despite the fact that each one was timed out at least once and I dealt with two separate major tantrums, today was the day for a big treat after dinner. I know you're thinking how spoiled, but it's not often that we give them treats like these. I often stick to yogurt, fruit, and cinnamon graham crackers. It's usually when grandma is over that they get the big treats, cheese cake, cupcakes, ice cream. She just can't resist and it truly makes them happy to be spoiled by grandma. Today, they were spoiled by mommy and daddy...there first time with an ice cream bar of their own, and boy were they excited.

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