Sunday, July 5, 2009

Zoo Membership

Some memberships are worth having, the zoo membership is one of those. We've had a zoo membership for 3 yrs now and our kids have yet to tire of it. I'm sure there will be a time when they finally out grow it but Aidan is soon to be 5 and still enjoys it, Miles and Liam 2 1/2 love it of course. We never get through the zoo in one visit, one day we see certain animals and another time I try to make it a point to see different exhibits. I think this helps keep trips to the zoo exciting. We talk about the animals and what they're doing, sounds they make etc. I'm always amazed at how interactive these little discussion get between us. Aidan gets really involved in these discussions and I think this encourages Miles and Liam to participate too. It's truly a wonderful teaching tool, not only do the kids get to see the animals, but they get to engage in conversation, focus attention, and appreciate nature and other living creatures. This membership holds much value to our family and I plan on renewing it as long as my kids continue to enjoy it. Oh and of course they never tire of the amusement park especially the train ride.

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