Wednesday, July 1, 2009

These Things Happen

There are days when I'm moving so fast and multi-tasking to complete the mundane household chores plus any other errands needed for daily living, all while having 3 kids making separate demands of me, that I wonder how did I manage all that. During days like these, things sometimes happen. Usually, it's something inconsequential or with little ramification if at all...a forgotten phone call, misplaced sun glasses, an unscooped litter box (gross I know). Other times (not often thankfully) ridiculous debacles occur. So you're asking, what does this have to do with the photo of my trash? Well, if you look closely at that photo, you'll see it documents a narrow escape of one more preposterous mishap. There in my trash, I managed to throw away my blue tooth.

The circumstances around this were like this, I had just unloaded the boys from the van, was now unloading misc. stuff (books, shoes, and trash, ohh and blue tooth) while trying to blow up a balloon for Liam (who was crying), listening to Aidan tell me what DVD he wanted to watch, and Miles demanding a snack, just as the home phone began to ring, and my bladder was saying it could wait no longer to relieve itself. I dropped the shoes in the shoe basket, books on the coffee table, trash and blue tooth in the garbage can, tied and handed Liam his blue balloon (which he immediately decided it was not the right color balloon he wanted and continued to cry), ignored the telephone and Liam, and ran to the bathroom to relieve myself. Read those circumstances again at full speed and see if you catch the mishap...what mishap right? Well that's how it happens. Thankfully, some synapse fired in my brain and said "something's not right". Honestly I didn't figure it out right away, I was just left with a nagging feeling that something was wrong. Then I went to tie up the garbage bag to throw it out and I spotted it, the gleam of something silver in the trash. No, not the granola bar wrappers, but my blue tooth slightly hidden behind a juice box and I thought to myself " Oh my god, close call!" all the while, poor Miles was still waiting for a snack, Liam was now riffling through a bag balloons to pick just the right color, and Aidan was still demanding to watch a DVD.

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