Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TBB Moms Night Out, A Thank You

Just got back from dinner out with some Twins By The Bay Moms (TBB). It was a dinner out to thank those that had helped with the annual garage sale. Dinner out with the ladies reminds me how blessed I feel to have joined this club. I'm currently the club secretary. I know, for those who truly know me, don't laugh. I'll be the first to admit it's laughable that I'm secretary. I actually feel honored to have the position, I just think it's a job for someone who is much more organized. Anyways, I digress, the reason I was spouting about TBB is to talk about how wonderful I think the club has been for me. I have made some great friends and my kids have too. When I had Aidan, I didn't join a singleton's mom group and soon returned to work. With twins though it was a whole different ball game, I don't think I would have ever made it out the front door had I not had the motivation of a twins mom group to go out to. And it has been so nice to have women to socialize with who understand the challenges of having twins. I'm a person who recognizes what I should be grateful for and show appreciation when appreciation is due. I am grateful for TBB and the close friends I have made through TBB....and look forward to many more good times with TBB.

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