Monday, July 6, 2009

1st Day of Music Camp

We decided that Aidan needed some enrichment programs this summer in addition to his summer preschool. Because Aidan loves music so much we thought a music camp would be a perfect fit of additional learning fun this summer. I enrolled him for one week of music & art camp and today was to be his first day. I was so excited for him and he seemed excited too. We packed his Thomas the train backpack with his lunch, sweatshirt and hat. He was so pleased with this, he couldn't stop talking about it. The camp is about a 20min drive from home, and he must have asked at least 20 times on the way there, "Are we there yet?" I thought this was a good sign, drop off was going to be a piece of cake. I was sadly mistaken. We arrived on time, I filled out the necessary paper work, we did our introductions, I took one step away from Aidan....and suddenly he was pale white, he turned and lunged at me, gripping onto my thigh with a mighty death grip and screamed "don't leave me here" The camp director and I worked together in trying to calm him but he just kept on. I stayed an hour and half with him, I participated in the circle time, name game, rhythm beats, he was introduced to percussion instruments then came snack time. I thought here is my time to break for it. He just wasn't going to let it happen. The director and I once again met with him alone in a room, we listened to music, talked about his feelings specifically "being scared" she brought out a violin and when he realized this was all a ploy to try to get him to stay, he started to heave almost to the point of hyperventilating, his eyes were now puffy and red rimmed. It was such a pathetic sight, it broke my heart to see him like this. To my disappointment and Aidan's relief we called it a day and left.

Daddy and I spoke with him this afternoon about trying another day. We've even made it a sweeter deal for him by adding a little bribery. He has been asking for 'Peter Sam' another Thomas train character, so we bought it today. We told Aidan if he made it through the rest of the week of music camp that he could have 'Peter Sam'. Now I'm not sure that bribery is the best method of parenting but if it works this time, I'll be satisfied and deal with the consequence later.

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