Monday, July 20, 2009

Productive Monday

It's been a whirlwind day of productive activity, lots of home projects and tasks to be done. Started with phone calls, confirm my appointment with the window guy, refrigerator delivery this afternoon, and Aidan's swim class later this week, schedule dentist appointment, then a run to Costco to restock the household, run to Target for a new rice cooker (ours died)and a few other miscellaneous items, run to gymboree for new undies for Aidan, back home to meet the window guy to give us a quote on new windows call from fridge delivery company informing me they are behind schedule so I unload the dryer, fold laundry, start a new load of laundry and then run back out to the post office to mail some packages, then out to Home Depot for a deck box we'll be using to keep all the boys sporting goods in and cleaning and painting supplies for tomorrow's project(garage conversion to working art studio). You tired yet?? because by this time I sure was. Not over yet, I now run back home unload van, empty the fridge and freezer into coolers, run out once again to pick up the boys, to then come home and wait for the fridge delivery, fridge delivered so now I empty coolers full of food into new fridge. Phew! exhausting day, was feeling pretty good about all that had been done today but what..wait a minute, what's that my brand new teeth bleaching kit I'd just gotten from the dentist was accidentally left in the old fridge that is now long gone my big bubble of satisfaction of a days job well done has now been completely deflated with disappointment. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.

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