Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Garage to Art Studio

Garage soon to be my studio.

Contents out of garage...what will I do with it all?

Today with the help of a Ismael, a handy man, I've begun the conversion of our unattached garage into a working art studio. We pulled everything out of the garage and not quite sure what's going to happen with all that. That problem will have to be tackled soon. Truth be told a lot of those bins you see in that photo are filled with fabric that I've collected over the years (about 12 yrs worth). Ismael power washed the floors and walls which needed it desperately. We just got a new roof a few weeks ago, prior to this there were so many holes that rats and squirrels were coming in and making their mess in the garage. Now no more, it's soon to be spic and span clean. After power washing, Ismael began, priming the walls, caulking some holes, and repairing an area of dry rot. This is going to take a couple of days to complete. Next step will be to add a window and better lighting. Then it will be time to move in all my art and craft supplies, can't wait to have a working space of my own. I've been using the dining room table and it's just not working out anymore. With the kids curiosity, I have to put everything away to keep them from exploring through everything and there's always the danger of them hurting themselves on my tools. So much time is spent taking supplies in and out that I don't get to spend much time actually working on anything. Now with my own space I can leave projects out and work on them as time allows without losing time taking out and putting items away. I can also work on projects while the kids play in the yard. I'm hoping that sometime down the road we'll replace the garage door with french doors. For now I'm just happy that I'll have a space to work in soon!


  1. This is so very exciting! Good luck on your creating a crafty space!

    I'd spent all of June making over my own little crafty corner -- a much smaller space, but I had so much fun doing it! In fact, I can't stop, I keep finding wonderful things to swap in and out.

    Here's my before and after shots: http://mollyleecards.blogspot.com/2009/07/crafty-space-makeover-challenge-done.html (but you can read the entire sage if you click here: http://mollyleecards.blogspot.com/2009/07/crafty-space-makeover-challenge-done.html

    I'd love to see photos as you get going! Good luck!

  2. Nice job Molly...Very inspiring! I'm at a standstill right now but will keep you posted.



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