Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 2 of Music Camp

Aidan poses next to the mural he helped paint

Aidan and Irene, the camp director

Well we got to a shaky start this morning but it ended in a success! We arrived and found that there was another new 4 yr old at camp today. Aidan and this other boy are the 2 youngest campers. I thought, "great news maybe this will put Aidan at ease". I was wrong, it didn't matter to Aidan. Although we started with Aidan being enthusiastic about music camp on the drive there, when we arrived he began to cling to me again. I sat down with him and joined the music circle were he was introduced to the cabasa then a rhythm circle began with each camper taking turns to conduct the group. Aidan was not an active participator in this but he was actively observing and was clearly very interested however, his fear of being left there was interfering with his ability to let loose and have fun. We then broke for snack time and this was my time to break loose from Aidan and the camp. Irene, the director, and I decided that I would leave and he would be allowed to have a melt down for half an hour. If it continued, she would call me to pick him up, so he wouldn't be too traumatized. Irene, called me in half an hour and reported he was doing great, what a relief! When I picked him up this afternoon, despite his small nose bleed he was having, he was in good spirits. He ran me down his schedule of events, he painted, played the violin, drums, went to the park for lunch, and started writing a song with his fellow campers. They will be performing for us at the end of the week, yay! Irene reported to me that Aidan had good rhythm, this I'm excited about. Can't wait to see what instrument he finds his niche in.

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