Monday, July 13, 2009

Be Persistent

Sometimes it pays to be persistent. Like in motherhood, when you need to stand your ground when your child is continuing to badger and plead for some treat or toy, or maybe to stay up later. Today it wasn't a child, it was GE company I had to be persistent with. We have a stainless steel GE Profile fridge that I fell in love with when we bought it. It's the kind with the french doors and a full sized shelf inside so you can put something large in, like a full sheet cake, and a bottom freezer. The problem is soon after we got this fridge it began to have problems. In the first year we had 4 service calls. The 4th visit they replaced the control panel in it. Well it began to have problems again, so now on it's 5th service call, the service man replaced the control panel again. I let him go ahead and do this knowing as soon as he left I would be calling the customer relations department and demanding a new refrigerator. Five service calls in a year and half is unacceptable. So I called, and was persistent with my request, with a supervisor, then a manager, and another manager etc. etc. until I spoke to the right person. It only took me 2 hours (what a drag), not exactly how I wanted to spend my afternoon. The good news is that we will be receiving a new refrigerator, despite many attempts on GE's side to tell me that the only thing available to me was a discount on a new purchase. I refused to accept this. They almost had me beat. I was so frustrated and tired of having to explain the situation over and over to various GE staff that it would have been easy for me to say "forget it, it's been repaired". This time, persistence prevailed.

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