Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Order to this Blog & What We Like Wednesdays: learning fun and designer shoes

I've been thinking a lot about this blog and wanting to bring some order to it. I'm planning to continue to write about the everyday going ons that seem notable and worthy of recording in order to capture our life story, but I would also like to have some more predictable topics to write about. As I've been trying to bring a little more order to my family's life, more organization to our home, I thought it would also make sense to bring some order to this blog. Our days aren't always news worthy, some days do just go by completing the mundane tasks of daily living so at least, if nothing more I could always look forward to some set topics to write about. It would help me better organize my thoughts and hopefully make for some more interesting reading..who knows, time will tell.

So with that said, today is the inception of "What We Like Wednesdays" .

A new item in our house that Aidan absolutely loves (at least for the moment, you know how fickle kids can be) is this Math Magic Multiplication. He's recently taken an interest in multiplication and has been constantly asking "whats __x__?" And of course with my love for numbers I've been absolutely loving this, just kidding. Those who know me well know that I despise math so Aidan's constant math quiz has actually been a bit wearing. So, with this new math magic board, that we've had for just a few days, the questions have stopped, instead he's now telling me what ___x___ is. I don't mind this so much, as a matter of fact I enjoy it, because I know he's actually learning something. As a result of this new toy, Aidan now knows quite a bit of his multiplication table and I'm certain in no time he'll have mastered his multiplication.

Something else, all three of the boys are obsessed with are Geox shoes. They all seem to think they are the coolest thing. They strut around and announce to each other "I've got my Geox on" I'm not sure how or when this started but what I do know is when it's time to go buy new shoes they request these. Let me remind you the twins are 3 yrs old. When did they decide they have to have Geox? They just may be following in their older brother's footsteps but as I recall, Aidan also started requesting these at around the same age and by age 4 he was requesting the Geox with the light up heels. We did end up getting him those Geox with the lights for his birthday...he was thrilled.

And then there is Liam who is our most fashion conscious. He's the one who is absolutely determined to pick out his own clothes and the flashier the better. He loves things bright, things with bling, and things metallic so when he saw this silver pair with lime green stripes, he was crazed and his first statement was "Those are mine" Well thankfully they were on the sale rack and his size.

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