Sunday, January 31, 2010

Still Extreme Sporting

Max went snow boarding today. He spent yesterday prepping for his trip, getting his gear together and waxing his board. I could just tell he was so excited for this trip. The past few years he hasn't been able to get much boarding in because of the kids but now that they're getting older we're seeing a little bit more freedom. We've always felt a bit guilty about leaving one or another alone with 3 kids, young kids that is, for long periods of time. As a result, we haven't ventured off solo very much. To be honest we also haven't venture with them as much as we would have liked either.

So now I encourage him to go off and do things he enjoys, but I have to admit this extreme sporting stuff makes me nervous. I worry that he might get injured while snow boarding then I'd have to not only care for the boys but help rehabilitate him too. And the thought of losing his help around here just makes me anxious, thinking that I would have to do everything solo for awhile makes me cringe. So when he says he wants to go snow boarding, or he would like to learn to ocean kayak, windsurf, or get a motorcycle I secretly panic with a smile on my face of course as I encourage him to explore his interests.

As for the snow, initially, we'd also planned to take a family trip to the snow this weekend but with Aidan's injured finger, we've had to postpone that trip and any other activities that risk him injuring/ re-opening his wound. So for now, we'll postpone the sledding and snowman building while Max continues to enjoy his thrill seeking activities.

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