Thursday, February 11, 2010

Artful Thursday: An Art Full Day For The Kids

Today is Artful Thursday, I've taken on the Julie Collings challenge. However, I'm sad to say I didn't meet that challenge today (sigh). I had an art full day preparing for Aidan's kindergartner valentine party and preparing valentines for all 3 kids. Have to say, I'm positive that's not what Julie had in mind for Artful Thursdays. I really had in mind to dive into some vintage children's books I have and do some collage book markers. It just didn't happen, between assembling 84 valentine cards, yes that's right...I said 84, that's how many classmates my 3 boys have combined together, and 4 gifts for teachers, AND, preparing supplies for 3 separate valentine craft projects for 23 kids, Aidan's class (yes cutting hundreds of strips of paper, 23 posterboard hearts, hundreds of tissue squares, cutting ribbon and making a sample of each project) there just wasn't anytime left to make those book markers. Sadly, it will have to wait for next week.
On another note, I'm thankful for the mom in Aidan's class who agreed to bring in an ice cream cake and relieved me from baking cupcakes because I'd still be baking right now at 11:41 pm.


  1. 84?!?!
    That's ambitious. My kids are in their teens now and Valentine's is slowly becoming less and less of a participation holiday class-wise. Although I can imagine in another year or two that I get nostalgic and start making cards for neighbors and friends because I miss the fun of it.

    Good luck picking up again on Artful Thursdays- mine has been sporadic and drawn-out projects, but still fun!

  2. Since I know I have a few years ahead of me still, I'll make sure not to procastinate next time ;)



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