Saturday, February 6, 2010

Primal Voice

The unexpected surprise that just fascinates me occurred few weeks ago and has been on my mind since then. Not that my poor boy was being tormented to the point of screaming and yelling but the fact that he choose to yell in Spanish. Aidan has refused to speak Spanish for quite sometime. I even question how much he knows. Although he was spoken to in Spanish when he was an infant up until maybe the age of 2, it was around that time that he started saying "no Spanish mommy" . I gave up the Spanish...I could come up with all sorts of reasons why I did this, but ultimately the honest truth was just plain laziness. It seemed like such an effort and he seemed so disinterested that I just let it go. So whats fascinating about this you ask? Well, it's just that in a time of desperation, in his need to protect himself when someone was hurting him (not intentionally, strips and stitches were painfully being removed from his finger injury) Aidan shouted in Spanish. It caught me by surprise, I think it caught us all by surprise, his doctor even commented, "Spanish?". At that moment, I realized he has learned something...deep down in the depths of his brain, somewhere in his hind brain where is basic instincts are stored, he has stored his primal language, Spanish. So although it's not his primary language, after this ordeal I believe Spanish his primal language.


  1. Just curious what was it that he said in Spanish?

  2. He started yelling he "I want water, I want water"



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