Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What We Like Wednesdays: Grappling the Complex With Simple Reading Fun

Having children has meant learning lots of new practices, the learning curve hasn't always been a smooth one. But, if there's one thing I can confidently say I got right, it's that I've taught my boys the joy of reading. From as far back as I can remember, I have always loved books. Reading a good book can always put a smile on my face. I wanted to make sure that my boys would experience this same bliss, for this reason, I have read to them religiously. Whether it be bed time or just some downtime during the day, we read. We make a weekly visit to the library so imagine, we read lots of books. Most recently we've read two books that we really enjoyed.

Round Like a Ball by Lisa Campbell Ernst. This book has fun diecut pages that leaves the boys guessing to the end, when they get to fold out a brilliant illustration of the earth. I absolutely love this books message of preserving our earth. Our household has been making an effort to live green in an effort to honor and protect our earth so this book is an excellent source to continue to support this message.

Is There Really a Human Race by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell, is another book we recently read and enjoyed. It's a sweet story that has us looking at humanity, and sends the message, " be kind and have acceptance". My boys love this book fun rhythmic tempo, I love it because it reinforces what I aspire to teach my kids.

Both these books address complex ideas in a fun way that children can enjoy while still addressing the messages we hope to teach our children. Definitely two books we'll be adding to our family's favorites.

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