Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Food : Mmm Yummy and Easy Granola

I'm always looking for wholesome breakfast food ideas for the boys. Something that's good for them while being easy and quick to prepare. One of my favorite food magazines, Everyday Food, has this great Maple-Nut Granola recipe in the Jan/Feb issue. This recipe is so easy to prepare and healthy too. I think it's also safe to say it's much cheaper to prepare than buying granola off the shelf, especially if you're buying organic. Prep time must have been less than 10 that's what I call quick.

Measure everything out.

Mix it all in one bowl.

Pour out on rimmed baking sheet
Bake, cool and Whaa Lhaa perfect granola. We'll be eating this over plain or vanilla yogurt with bananas and blueberries. I bet this would be good with raisins too. The boys get their morning protein, something I'm always having a hard time getting in but, have found it's so important for them. They are so much more cooperative and agreeable during morning prep after a good breakfast. This is one I'm sure we'll add as a staple for morning breakfasts.

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