Thursday, February 25, 2010

Artful Thursday: Pretty Little Vase, A Tutorial

Here we go again, Artful Thursday. My how that day comes quickly. I'm happy to say I actually got something done today. Yay for me! I'm especially pleased because I used some supplies I'd been hanging on to for quite awhile. So here goes...

I started with this pretty little yellow vase that has an antique Victorian design. (This is a newer item that I got not too long ago from Michael's) What I pulled from my stash is the following:

  • vintage seam binding

  • a hair comb I made about 5 yrs ago, I disassembled for the crystals and fresh water pearls
  • a jar of vintage buttons (1 of many)

  • German glass glitter

  • vintage kite string

  • vintage foliage leaves

Getting started:

  1. I covered the foliage with glass glitter. I did this using a paintbrush, I brushed the leaves with glue then sprinkled with the glass glitter

  2. I disassembled the hair comb, setting aside a few pieces of crystal leaves and fresh water pearl stamens on gold beading wire.

  3. I then wrapped the leaves, pearls and crystals around the neck of the vase using glue dots to adhere them in place.

  4. Pressing my seam binding first, I tied 2 pieces around the vase, making a bow. I often get lazy and don't press my seam binding, regretting it later when the creases fuss up my bows So I'm pretty happy I took the extra step this time.

  5. I threaded a vintage rhinestone button with vintage kite string.

  6. I placed a glue dot on the back of the button.

  7. I tied the string around the vase, adhereing the button to the bow

  8. And finally, once all this was done I fussed with it all a bit to get everything in place and trimmed the seam binding to the length I wanted it.

There you are, a pretty little vase to dress up a corner in your home or a sweet gift for a friend. You can find this one in my etsy shop.


  1. I love this- so simple but really it adds such a lovely touch.

  2. love this...adding bits of vintage goodness to anything new makes for a shabby-licious presentation.

    pretty paper posies



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