Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Food

A special night for me, another night of daddy's cooking...that means a night off for me. Yay! Not that I don't enjoy cooking, because I do. It's just cooking on top of running a household with 3 boys is sometimes exhausting so it's always nice to have a break. The other fun thing about Max cooking is that we have totally different culinary styles so it's always fun to see what he's going to dish out. Funny the way that is, we could have the same exact ingredients but make entirely different dishes. We have this long running competition (totally harmless yet amusing) regarding who's the better cook.

So tonight Max made this delectable dinner that we all enjoyed. Fun cheese toasts really for the kids amusement. Delicious rib eye steaks that were slightly overcooked for my taste, as I love mine medium rare and these were medium (insert wink here). We just love to razz each other about our food prep ;) He topped the steaks with fresh basil which made for a delicious combination and served these with baked sweet potato.

The next time you grill up a steak, consider topping it with some fresh basil. It's absolutely yummy!

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