Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Food: Sprinkles Make All The Difference

I hosted a "pamper night out" tonight for some moms from my twin club. 16 twin moms (actually I think there was 1 triplet mom) met at a nail spa to be pampered with pedicures while sipping champagne, nibbling on light appetizers and yummy dessert including these cute little 2 bite cupcakes. I wish I could say I made these but I didn't. I've bought these several times for different events not only because they're delicious but because they're sooo cute. Really I think it's the sprinkles that make them so appealing. If you remove those sprinkles, then they're just a plain ol' cupcake. Ever since I came across these, now when I make my own cupcakes, I make sure to add sprinkles, it makes a huge difference in their presentation. Those sprinkles just make a cupcake extra special, don't you think so?

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