Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What We Like Wednesday: Resale Toys and Dado Squares

I recently traded in some toys to one of those resale toy shops where you can either get 40% cash back or 50% in trade (these percentages differ from shop to shop). So I opted for the trade. There are several of these shops near us but I especially love Toy Safari, they have a great variety on new and used toys to choose from. The best deal about these resale shop is getting to unload some of your old things that have lost everyone's interest for something new and exciting. And what do you know, it's also one more way to live a greener life, reuse and recycle those toys. My kids don't care if the toys have been previously loved, they are happy to play with toys that are new to them and I'm happy to help keep toys out of our landfills.

With that said, this time around I chose these great Dado Squares. The boys have really enjoyed playing with these. They've built all sorts of structures, including a multi-layered parking garage for their trains. It has been fun watching them at work with these, as they encourage them to explore their imagination and creativity.

So, if you've got a bunch of toys laying around your house that your kids too have lost interest in or have outgrown, I encourage you to find your local resale toy store. It's a win win situation for everyone and you just might find yourself a great set of Dado Squares.

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