Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Madison's Birthday Party 7/27

On Sunday we went to Madison's birthday party...the boys had a fabulous time. There was a deluxe jumper with a basketball hoop in it and a slide, a fabulous see saw, a little princess playhouse, lots of hopper balls, crowns to be made, pin the sticker on the crown game and a crown pinata. There were delicious appetizers followed by L & L B-Bque, 2 icecream cakes and a snowcone machine. My sister in law sure raised the bar high. There's no way I could ever thow such a grand birthday party. And everyone went home with a loot, baggies full of candy and toys from the pinata, red envelopes with money, stickers, and helium balloons. Everything was so well put together that I was happy I had taken the time to put my boys together. My boys arrived looking pretty cute, they were wearing coordinating Hawaiian shirts. You couldn't miss the 3 brothers at this party.

Well Aidan's birthday is just around the corner and we'll be throwing him a birthday party. I can assure you, his party won't be as grand. It's going to be short and sweet, pizza and cupcakes and maybe snowcones if I can get the ice shaver to work. We're going with a dinosaur theme and maybe we'll play pin the tail on the dinosaur but I'm not planning on a jumper or a pinata. As it is I'm having to squash poor Aidan's little dream of inviting his entire preschool class and plan on only inviting his close friends. As much as I love birthday parties, I also understand I have limitations and need to work with those. I want my boys to have fond memories of their birthdays but hope this doesn't mean having to have jumpers, performers, and caterers. I want them to remember the sweet simplicity of homemade cupcakes, handmade birthday banners, and pretty wrapped gifts from mommy and daddy. Time will tell if I accomplish this.

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