Thursday, July 3, 2008

Imagination Soaring

I've noticed lately that Aidan's imagination is just soaring, it's becoming much more vivid. He tells stories about ojects he sees with great detail now, all from his imagination. We were at a friends house who had a doll house and he went into this elaborate story about the mailman trying to deliver mail to the doll house and how the little girl there was sad about her mail. We were all kind of amazed about the detail he came up with. He's also fascinated with the moon and has told me lots of stories that include the moon. He's told stories for a quite a while now but in the past they were much more concrete. He's also now playing with objects and creating other objects out of them like the train he made out of his beads, or the moon that he makes with his sandwich. I'm just so pleased to see the creativity that comes out of his imagination. I think he's pretty pleased with himself too. I can't wait to till he can start really drawing, I'm anxious to see what his drawing ability will be. His 4th birthday is just around the corner and we still aren't sure whether he's left or right handed. He seems to go back and forth often. In the meantime I'll just enjoy his fun little stories.

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