Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Naps are a hard thing in our house. It would be wonderful if the twins always went down for naps together. But, unfortunatley that is not the case. Liam has always been a short napper. Miles usually goes down first followed by Liam. Miles usually wakes up shortly after Liam goes down. It seems like I never get any down time, there's always one of them awake. I dream about all the things I could do if they would just nap together.

Today, we went to the park in the morning, met with some of our twin friends. They played for a good hour, followed by lunch and then we went home. Well, to my surprise they both went down for a nap together, slept for an hour. It was so nice that now I'm thinking I need to take them to the park every morning and play them hard. Or just maybe it was a lucky coincidence.

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