Monday, July 14, 2008

Keeping Busy

The weekend flew by and not a single blog entry. Weekends always seem to be a whirlwind of activities with the kids, leaving daddy and I just beat by the evening. Weekends are full of events, soccer practice, birthday parties, play dates, park visits etc. It's all about the kids these days. We've been trying to focus some extra attention on scheduling regular play dates for Aidan. It's good for him socially and gives him a break from the frustration of dealing with his younger brothers. Although Aidan plays with the twins it's just not the same level of play he gets to have with a friend his age.

This weekends play date was on Sunday, a trip to the zoo with his pal Derrek from preschool. Both families went and strolled the zoo. Aidan had a great time with his friend despite one bad fall and one small upset regarding the need to ride the train. We've learned a visit to the zoo is not complete without a train ride.

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