Friday, July 11, 2008

Play Date - Tub Time Fun

I wish I had a camera with me today. We had dinner at friends home followed with tub time. The twins took a bath with their friends, another set of twins. It sure was the sweetest thing. Miles and Liam freaked out a bit a first, "Whoa, what am I doing in a tub at someone elses house" but they settled down quick enough and enjoyed the water and tub toys. I asked Aidan if he wanted to join in the fun, no way was that going to happen...get in the tub with my brothers and their buddies, be for real mom!

It's funny how when you go to someone elses house their toys just seem so fabulous, even those that you have at home and have been long forgotten. I guess that's the great thing about play dates it's not just the company but the novelty of someone else's toys.

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