Sunday, July 6, 2008

Please, no couch potatoes!

This does not look good! My 3 boys sitting on the couch engrossed in a least it's one of those educational ones by leap frog. That's ok, right?? I sure hope we aren't raising a bunch of couch potatoes. We don't have cable and the only time Max and I watch tv for our own personal enjoyment is when the kids go to bed. Really when you don't have cable, there's not much to watch. We do particpate in one of those dvd mail services but, we don't watch them very often because we're always too tired. We've often toyed with the idea of cancelling it.

The truth is though that we own tons of kids dvds, all educational, you know the leap frog and sesame street type. And, I'm guilty of using them so that I can cook dinner before Max gets home from work. Otherwise, it would be impossible for me to manage 20 month old twins and a 3 yr old while preparing dinner. I've tried on several occasions, setting them up with some toy, project etc and then trying to start dinner. It never seems to work out. I try to tell myself that it's ok, 30 minutes of an educational dvd just before dinner isn't so bad. Sometimes on the weekends we allow it as a treat for good behavior. It just allows us to get a bit of down time. Suddenly after seeing this photo I feel horribly guilty.

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