Saturday, July 19, 2008

Punch Balloons

Always looking for some new entertainment. Today I blew up 3 punch balloons for the boys to play with. Let me add, I thought I was going to faint after blowing them up. They were patient, as I slowly blew them up requiring several rest periods to catch my breath and get past the light headedness. I think they realized, mommy's having a hard time. It was all worth it, the boys had a great time with them and surprisingly the twins were able to get a handle on how to hold the rubberband and punch the balloon. I was afraid they were a bit you for it. They played with them for awhile in the early afternoon and then again later in the day. I always feel somthing is a huge success if it holds there attention for more than 15 minutes and if they come back to it later. I can't tell you how many activities I've taken the time to set up and have it result in a total failure. Either they're totally not interested in it or it's to frustrating. It's always hit or miss. The punch balloon it a HIT! We'll be buying more of those.

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