Monday, September 7, 2009

Steam-tastic Fun

The kids had a great time today at the Washington Township Railroad Fair at Ardenwood Historical Park. We met some friends there and enjoyed this outing together.

We got to ride a real historical steam engine by the name of "Deanna"

The kids were thrilled with all the steam and noises coming from this steam engine.

We got to see several different railroad displays.

We searched for "Hobo Signs", a scavenger hunt activity that kept mommy busy.

The boys and mommy and daddy, experienced their first calliope. This was pretty amazing, a piano like instrument with brass pipes that ran on steam apparently much like a steam engine train.

And we enjoyed music by "The East Bay Stompers" whom played all afternoon. I'd have to say this was Liam's favorite part of the whole outing. He was mesmerized by the band, it was fun watching him. And we enjoyed people watching as there were many people there who were dressed in period clothing.

Ardenwood's grounds are just beautiful, with gorgeous mature trees, the fabulous Patterson house, the crops and animals making this historical park a fun and educational outing for the family. The Railroad Fair was just one of many events Ardenwood hosts throughout the year. We're looking forward to attending several of the fall events.

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