Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grandma, Grandpa and Aunties, Oh what fun!

Grandma's close friends, Auntie Christine from LA and Auntie Florence from Hong Kong were here this past week. We had some fun visits with Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunties. With all the attention they showered on the boys, it sure was a special treat for them. And of course, Grandma always shows up with goodies that adds to the fun.

Their first visit was this past Sunday. Grandma brought with her some fun battery powered cars that the boys enjoyed playing with, and a huge bag filled with all the fabulous veggies she reaped from her garden this year. Her garden yielded an unbelievable amount of produce that she has so kindly shared with us all summer.

I fixed a special Sunday dinner to celebrate Aunties' visit. I fixed a pork cassoulet, braised swiss chard with pine nuts, tomatoes (from grandma's garden) with basil and a balsamic/oil dressing, and an assortment of bread, potato rosemary loaf and sourdough walnut loaf. For dessert I made a blueberry peach tart using this fabulously easy pastry recipe that Ebba shared. It was absolutely perfect, definitely a recipe that I will be keeping and using often. It being such a hot day we dined alfresco. With the days getting shorter and cooler weather just around the corner it was nice to enjoy one of our last warm evenings outdoors with such dear guests.

We had another special visit from Aunties and Grandma/pa on Tuesday. I'm so glad the boys got to spend one more day with the Aunties, especially since we don't know when we'll be seeing Auntie Florence again. It was a pleasure filled visit as well as an extremely helpful visit since Max and I went to parents night at Aidan's school, they were able to watch the boys while we were out. The boys got to enjoy dinner and yummy ice cream dessert with our guests. When Max and I returned with Aidan's school work, Aidan was so proud and enjoyed all the positive feedback while he showed Aunties and Grandma/pa his school work. Liam found himself a comfy spot on Auntie Florence's lap and just made himself right at home there, while Miles relished in conversation with Aunties.

It was so sweet to have three generations in the house and just watch how our youngest and oldest just adore each others company. It's so easy, as the "sandwich generation" to get lost in the day to day of raising our kids and worrying about our parents that we forget about the benefits of having them together. I know just by watching my kids, they revel the time spent with grandma, grandpa and aunties. I'd like to believe the same is vice versa. Everyone just looks so delighted when they're together. I too cherish those moments when I see happy faces on my boys and in-laws alike.

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