Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another GE Appliance Gone Awry or Washing Dishes For a Family of 5 Stinks!

If you've been keeping up with my posts then you know that not that long ago I had my GE Profile fridge replaced after 5 service calls in a year and a half. Well, now my GE Profile dishwasher that is not quite 3 yrs old has stopped working. I've reviewed all the trouble shooting guidelines and am still unable to get it to rinse the dishes. As a result of this, I have been hand washing dishes for a family of 5 for the past few days and it's exhausting. I've been trying to limit the dishes we use but really that's an impossible tasks. Between meals and snacks, we normally accumulated a dishwasher full of dishes every night, this now equates to a sink full of dishes and then some.

As past experience, I spent half the day trying to get a service call straightened out to have someone come out and look at my dishwasher, oh and while they're at it can you please repair the freezer door handle on my 2 month old fridge that keeps coming loose. GE is telling me that will be $125.00 just to come take a look. Are you kidding me! The fridge should be absolutely free since it's only 2 months old and honestly I've been having the problem for about a month. The dishwasher well, I clearly expect to pay something but $125 just to diagnose it, remember it's not quite 3 yrs old. If it turns out I need to replace it I clearly will not be buying another GE dishwasher, and for that matter, I will never again buy another GE appliance.

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